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Background Screening Services

Running an online background check on a person is neither difficult nor time-consuming. There are several established, affordable background screening companies that will provide you with access to perform an unlimited amount of fast investigations into someone's public records.

Local, state and federal government agencies, along with many private companies store tremendous amounts of public database records online. Background search services get their data from thousands of these public and private record sources. They combine these various sources into easily searched databases. See our list of top firms.

Private investigator searching someone's backgroundCompanies have regularly used these research agencies to check up on individuals for a variety of business reasons.

And now that these record searches are so affordable, individuals and families are using these services to find someone they have lost contact with or to find out more about someone's background.

Some people have argued that there is too much public information available online and we should limit the amount of public files that can viewed. Not everyone agrees. The amount of public records available really hasn't changed much in the last few years. What has changed is who can access these files.

Before the rise of electronic files and the Internet, only people and companies with money and the right connections could get access to this data. Today the access to public files is more democratic. All you need to do is pay the small access fee to get started. Being able to view public records is a great way to empower yourself with knowledge.

If you want to find out more about someone, see our top three services who can get you access to fast background screenings, which include criminal history, civil court judgments, address search, real estate information, reverse phone number and address lookup, date of birth, marriage, divorce and death records, reverse email searches, possible relatives, driving information (in some states) and even more.

One of the most popular services is BeenVerified. Instant and affordable searches on individuals, email addresses or phone numbers.

You can find out more about anyone at BeenVerified

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background search serivce allows you to quickly and efficiently search and locate public records online. Their instant lookup tools dig into their databases and prepare a complete report for you to examine.

They guarantee you will be completely satisfied with their state-of-the art search system and you will get top quality results from their sources.

Employer background screenings
If you need to perform screening checks for a non-personal reason, Intelius has been trusted by thousands of companies to provide affordable, reliable and legally compliant searches.

Employers can also get good results from Universal Background Screening when they need to check out prospects before they commit to formally hiring them.